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Unlock the full potential of your car subscription business with the power of connected vehicle data.

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Why Car Subscription?

In the dynamic landscape of car subscription businesses, leveraging technology is crucial for seamless operations. Motor Africa's fleet automation cloud service emerges as a game-changer. This comprehensive solution enhances efficiency by integrating the latest GPS telemetry system installed in vehicles while automating the entire car subscription experience. The automotive industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards car-as-a-service, and Motor Africa aligns with this trend, offering a robust platform for servitization.

Fleet Owner.

Fleet owners are individuals or organizations interested in launching a car subscription service.

Here's what you can expect:

List vehicles, upload, and schedule all regulatory date reminders to ensure you don't miss any renewals.

Enter driver and guarantor details and complete KYC procedures.

Allocate vehicle(s) to drivers and establish operational guidelines, including terms for violations, lease fees, and payment schedules. (Lease payments are electronically processed with an option to immobilize vehicle engines for defaulters).

Register your preferred workshops, establish a maintenance routine for your fleet vehicles, and set terms for defaulters.

Monitor the real-time location of your fleet and access comprehensive analytical reports.

Establish triggers for operational violations by drivers.

Fleet Operator.

Fleet operators are companies that are developing car subscription businesses for their clients.

Motor Africa offers fleet operators advanced features and seamless API integration for third-party software

Additionally, fleet operators will benefit from the following:

White label web console.

Ability to customize all email and SMS communications.

Utilization of our embedded finance module for processing subscription payments for different purposes.

Customization options are available upon request.

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